Open House success

A strong market continues, demand is high and buyers are plenty – have you considered selling your property via an open house event?

With properties in Chelmsford still very high in demand, there are naturally a large number of buyers wanting to view every property coming to the market.

We feel the best approach to sell a property in current market conditions is to hold an open house event.

We see selling at an open house as a far better way of providing the client with a service that is less stressful, efficient, and effective. We arrange and accompany 100% of the viewings, all of which take place on one day (normally a Saturday), which is incredibly convenient for our clients.

An open house enables us to assess potential buyers and weed out time wasters and buyers whose finances/mortgage capabilities do not add up.

It gives us the chance to advise you the seller on the best and most reliable buyer on which to base your sale.

For more details on arranging an open house event, please call the team on 01245 266765.