Buyers Buy By Comparison

Typically, most people look at about half a dozen homes before making a decision as to which one they should buy. Some people look at just a couple, and others spend months considering each and every one of the dozens of properties that come on the market within their price range.

Even though many of the properties offered to a typical buyer are likely to fit the minimum criteria they request, the buyer is unlikely to buy a specific property, however well-suited it may be, unless it can be seen in comparison with others.

The psychology of the buying process generally dictates that people make realistic comparisons between properties (or holidays, or cars, or shoes, or even toothbrushes for that matter) before they feel qualified to make a decision based on the relative merits of each home they see.

Part of our job involves helping buyers make a buying decision that is genuinely in their best interests whilst recognising our responsibilities to our client the vendor.

We encourage our buyers never to exclude a property without having first seen it in context. Although price is a critical consideration, it is the relative value that is even more important. A property is worth not what the seller put in, but what the buyer gets out of it in relation to an alternative property.

It is therefore important to go the extra mile in seeking to make your property as attractive a possible during the sale, not just by keeping it clean and tidy, but also by quoting a competitive price, and being flexible over completion date and contents. If you make your property attractive in these ways, our marketing will cause it to sell!

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