Don’t Be Fooled by Multi Branches

Many of our clients tell us that when considering agents with a view to selling their home, they were tempted to use an agent that has several other branches. They were told that more branches equals more buyers, which on the surface sounds appealing.

But don’t be fooled. The “more-buyers/faster sale” claim is standard practice among multi-branch estate agencies. However, the reality can be quite different, with vendors being given false hopes at best, and a lack of accountability at worst.

Firstly, most negotiators are targeted on their sales, and whilst their managers may encourage them to “share” their buyers with their sister branches, many would rather swim in a pool of piranhas than let one of their buyers go to another agent – even within the company!

Secondly, the wider a buyer’s search area, the less chance there is of them buying in yours. If a buyer registers in a particular branch, it suggests they want to buy in the area covered by that branch – not in the area covered by another branch. Being offered “out of scope” locations can annoy purchasers who feel they are being “palmed off”. If they are indeed looking in another area, then the efficiency of the internet will certainly ensure that they are also registered in that area as well.

Estate Agency is an intensely local business. We enjoy a great supply of buyers and work extremely closely with those whom we know are really serious about buying in the Chelmsford area, and nowhere else. That’s why we can say, hand on heart, “we are THE Chelmsford specialists”.

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