Move House by Christmas?

Many people who are currently thinking of selling their property may ideally like to move by Christmas (yes, we said ‘Christmas’ already), yet only those who are prepared to price realistically to reflect up-to-date market conditions are likely to be successful.

In the current political climate, buyers are being more cautious of where to spend their money, and with many homes for sale to choose from, they could have plenty of choice. Buyers buy by comparison, and they will always select the property that offers them the best value in relation to alternatives available nearby.

Therefore the right choice of agent is paramount, as too many agents are currently making rash promises! If you are selling, beware of the agent who tries to flatter you with promises of an inflated price, or entices you with a commission rate so low (often with hidden charges) that they cannot provide a decent level of service or train their staff effectively.

When the price of a property is overly ambitious, the excitement that should surround a new property on market is reduced, those cheaper agents run out of ideas and it can then begin to go stale. This is when buyers realise the property is no longer new and nobody has made on offer, they think “Well nobody else wanted it – perhaps we are making a mistake.”

We aim to provide honest, genuine and dependable guidance, in order to be the agent you can trust.

Our advice would be to position your property as one of the best available in its price range from day one. This will prompt interest and encourage offers from motivated buyers. Under our advice, you should then achieve a sale in good time, to a reliable buyer vetted by ourselves, at the highest price the market will pay.

If you’d like to move this year, the rule of thumb for this tricky market is to choose a strong, independent, locally-based agent, listen to their advice, and quote a competitive asking price. With the wind behind you, you might just be in your new home by Christmas.

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Andrew has been an estate agent for over 43 years, with over 25 of those at Leonard Gray. As branch manager he sets the firms ethos for honesty and going the extra mile, helping people move home with the minimum of stress.