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  1. Move House by Christmas?

    Many people who are currently thinking of selling their property may ideally like to move by Christmas (yes, we said ‘Christmas’ already), yet only those [Read more]

  2. Waiting in Hope?

    If your property is currently on the market, it may be tempting to assume that your agent is in full control of the situation, and [Read more]

  3. Why choose Leonard Gray Estate Agents?

    Despite what you may think, all Estate Agents are different. Here are seven reasons why you should choose Leonard Gray Estate Agents over our competitors.

  4. Valuation Versus Value

    Estate agents’ market valuations are usually free, and because of this, it is very tempting for prospective sellers to invite a number of agents to [Read more]

  5. Solicitors and Solicitors

    The system of property transfer in this country is relatively archaic when compared to those of most other countries. The variety of age and tenure [Read more]

  6. Buyers Buy By Comparison

    Typically, most people look at about half a dozen homes before making a decision as to which one they should buy. Some people look at [Read more]